Review of AMZScout

An ideal tool for newbie Amazon merchants, AMZScout is a web application that is tailored to scale your reach and boost the visibility of your listed products. This software is easy to use, and given the incredible benefits it offers, you should certainly give it a try.

The Nitty Gritty of AmazeOwl

This is yet another solid tool for conducting extensive product research. Useful articles and tips for Amazon sellers at Data Guide review site.
As evident from the name itself, this tool is built to help your items thrive in a competitive and cutthroat online marketplace. It operates via a desktop application that works with almost all operating systems. Like other tools in similar categories, you can use this for finding relevant details about a product’s price, its selling potential, its overall ratings, and more.

The Cost

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much the amz scout pro tool costs. The basic version of this application will cost you something on the lines of $30. For the intermediate version, you’ll need to pay around $40. Finally, for the business variant, you’re required to shell out $60. As most of you might guess, the pricing will increase depending on the kind of features you’re looking to use. For more features, you’ll need to pay a higher price and vice versa.

Is the Chrome Plugin Better than the Website Application?

Now that you’re more familiar with the pricing structure followed by this tool, you might be wondering whether the amzscount extension works better than the online software. The answer to this will vary depending on your specific needs. For instance, if you’re looking to enjoy its comprehensive range of features without compromising on the price, the website tool might be your top pick. If, however, you are comfortable with limited features given the fact that you’re paying less for the same, we would recommend the plugin instead of the conventional tool. Either way, it is best to explore both the offerings, check out the pros and cons, before finalizing with your preferred product.

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What Tools Can I Access?

The amzscout pro application comes with a host of tweaks tailored to enhance your product research experience. In the following section, we will explore more about them.


With this option, you can explore a wide range of Amazon products across multiple global marketplaces. This feature will also allow you to check how a certain item is performing in a specific market.


If you want to boost your revenues and ace the marketing game, simply use the chrome plugin for the task. This is an excellent tweak for assessing revenues and the overall net profit and losses.

Keyword Tracking

This is yet another solid feature for identifying the most popular keywords against your preferred product in a given niche. Here, you will also get to find out how your competitor’s phrases are performing. In case they fare well, you can use them in your own listing.

Calculate FBA Fees

Yes, amzscout application has yet another free feature whereby you can assess the costs incurred while signing up for Amazon FBA. This feature works really well, and it helps you calculate the relevant charges almost instantly. The best part: since it’s free, you won’t even have to sign up for this program to access or avail it.

Sales Estimation

Want to check out how much revenue a certain product can generate? Fret not, because this app will have you covered! Simply use their free tool for estimating potential sales for multiple niches on board.

Stock Statistics

This is an excellent functionality for anyone who’s looking to find out the exact revenues generated by their customer’s listing. It is simple to work with and the statistics are absolutely accurate.


 Q. What’s the current price plan of this tool? 

 A. Right now, you can access this tool at a price as low as $30. The cost will eventually go up if you want more features and perks. 

 Q. How to discontinue using Amz’s services? 

 A. If you aren’t satisfied with the features and offerings of this web application, you’ll have the complete flexibility of discontinuing the services at any point. Simply hover to the ‘Settings’ tab and click the ‘cancel my subscription’ option to avail this function. 

 Q. In which countries can I use this application?

A. You can use this tool in many leading countries like US, UK, Canada, and others. The country list, however, will vary depending on whether you use the web tool or the extension.

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