5 Amazon Extension Chrome Every New Seller Should Have

Amazon Chrome Extension

As an Amazon FBA seller, you allow Amazon to store, pack and ship items to buyers on your behalf. This is very convenient in the sense that it saves you time, cash and guarantees you that your customers will receive their orders in a timely manner. 

However, FBA selling involves more than just fulfilling customer orders. Useful articles and tips for Amazon sellers at Data Guide review site.
As such, there are numerous tools that you can use to manage your FBA business –
amazon fba chrome extension apps are among the most effective ones available. 

How Do Amazon Chrome Extensions Help Sellers?

If you are an online seller, you know how useful Amazon Chrome Extensions are in helping launch, manage and grow FBA businesses. These extensions make it easy for sellers to: 

  • Find profitable items on the eCommerce site
  • Identify competitors and even find out how they are performing
  • Discover opportunities to improve their item listings on Amazon
  • Find the best keywords to feature in their product copies

There are several factors that determine the type of Amazon extension chrome that a seller decides to use. These include:

  • Cost – is the chrome extension free or does one need to pay to use it
  • Need – the issue a seller wants to address with the Amazon seller chrome extension
  • Ease of use – how user friendly an Amazon extension for chrome application is
  • Technical support – whether users can get help in the event they encounter challenges using the chrome amazon extension

Amazon Extension Chrome Every New Seller Should Have

Though there are numerous chrome extensions available in the market, there are those that every new online seller should have. These include:

Amazon FBA Calculator

This is a free, easy to use chrome extension that enables new sellers to calculate commissions and profits. This chrome extension comes in handy for new customers who are just starting to stay abreast of the amount of money they may be making selling on Amazon at any given time. The extension is easy to activate – sellers can do so from their product pages. Other elements that sellers can use this chrome extension to determine include:

  • Profit margins for the items they are selling
  • The best selling price for each item they want to sell
  • Comparison of profit margins that competitors are making on similar products

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This chrome extension enables sellers to decide on items to sell on Amazon based on real data. Though users have to pay a monthly fee to use it, the extension gives them access to a broad range of data without having to visit the product page including: 

  • Volume of sales for each month
  • Profit margins
  • Best selling items on Amazon

AMZScout is a smart tool that is designed to gather data automatically. Sellers who use it receive useful information to help them make informed decisions. This data includes current income, prices and sales. The tool is able to provide a comparison with competitors who sell similar products on Amazon.

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Jungle Scout 

This chrome extension works real time, allowing sellers to use accurate data to make decisions. With Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers are able to check facts about items that they are either selling or planning to sell. For existing sellers, this chrome extension facilitates the growth of online businesses by ensuring launch of new items. 

Jungle Scout chrome extension enables sellers to: 

  • Research Amazon’s database for ideal items and narrow down based on the data required
  • Reduce the risk of selling products that are not on demand
  • Tracking customer reviews and ratings as well as revenue, monthly sales and industry trends.

To use Jungle Scout chrome extension, sellers have to pay a one-time access fee amounting to $97. 

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Keepa chrome extension is ideal for Amazon sellers who want to monitor their items and those being sold by their competitors. A free, modern price tracker, Keepa gives Amazon sellers access to a wide range of price-related information including price history in the form of graphs and price drop alerts. 

Upon installation, Keepa users are able to see price history graphs displayed on every Amazon page they visit. This gives them a general view of the price drops that have happened most recently. Keepa’s database updates on a regular basis and is optimized for Google Chrome. Keepa does not provide in-app purchases but can be used without registration. 

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Among the most common chrome extensions, the camelizer works by displaying price graphs on every page that a seller visits. In the graph, this chrome extension provides uses with historical data on product prices on Amazon. Sellers who use this chrome extension are able to set price alerts as well as track price fluctuations, which is a great way to compare competitor prices and make pricing adjustments accordingly. The camelizer is a free extension chrome and comes with no in-app purchases. 



Amazon chrome extensions enable online sellers to access invaluable information that they need to make informed decisions. Some chrome extensions are free while others require users to either pay one-off fee or a monthly fee. Before you download a chrome extension, read customer reviews find out what experiences other users have had with those extensions. This will help you identify the extension that will work best for you.

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