Amazon Keyword Tool: Learn the Best Tools to Use for Fast Sales

amazon keyword tool

The concept of the Amazon keyword tool is quite easy and straightforward. What you need is to understand the relationship between organic search and ecommerce. 

What is Organic search? 

It is a strategy that involves inputting one or more search terms in the form of a single string of text into a search engine.

What is ecommerce?  

Ecommerce, which means Electronic Commerce, entails the buying and selling of goods and services with the aid of the Internet. Every transaction in ecommerce is done online, including payment. 

There are different keywords; commercial-based keywords, head keywords, and long-tail keywords. In this article, you will discover several Amazon keyword tools that suit every business need and pocket. The list entails free Amazon keyword tools and the best Amazon keyword tools . Dive in to know more. 

Best Amazon Keyword Tools 

Every organic search results are displayed as paginated records, meaning they have been numbered, based on their pertinence to the search words. It can be referred to as Amazon keyword ranking . Here is a list of the best Amazon keyword research tools:

1. JungleScout

JungleScout has a world of tools designed to aid selling on Amazon. One of its numerous beneficial tools is the JungleScout Amazon keyword tool . Its Amazon keyword research is dependent upon what customers are searching for on the market. Via the received data, the JungleScout tool will compile useful information like:

  • Keyword volumes of the chosen products
  • Approved PPC bids for getting more products sold 
  • The advisable number of units you can giveaway when you launch. 

Aside from their user-friendly interface, JungleScout also cares about their clients, which is why they have 24/7 customer service. Furthermore, JungleScout provides educational resources at no cost. It is indeed one of the best Amazon keyword research tools

The starting payment subscription for JungleScout Amazon keyword tool $25 per month, while the yearly deal goes for $199 per annum. For the 3-month deal, you have $99 only to pay. Lastly, the starter bundle is $399 annually. 

2. Amazon Keyword Tool

This tool uses the Amazon Autocomplete to search for relevant keywords on the platform. When you type a keyword into the search engine and press enter, the tool will create a list of keywords related to the one you inputted. You can implement it to discover products or niches that are doing well on Amazon. The Amazon keyword tool offers four essential information:

  • Search Volume : It refers to the monthly search volume for the keyword of interest. 
  • Competition : It entails the number of advertisers proposing the keyword in Google. 
  • CPC : The most significant amount of money paid by advertisers in Google for the keyword. 
  • Trend : The frequency and tendency of the keyword in Amazon search

To gain an optimal experience from this Amazon SEO tool , it is advisable to subscribe to the Keyword Tool Pro. Its starting price is $69 per month. 

3. Keyword Tool Dominator

This keyword tool solely based its survey on long-tail keywords searched by your target audience. Keyword tool dominator employs the Amazon Autocomplete databases to supply you with keywords. Also, it permits the download of the keyword list. It is fast, efficient, and reliable. This tool is free but can be bought off a one-time purchase at $39.89. 

4. Viral Launch

This Amazon keyword tool assists with keyword searches alongside arranging them in the order of relevance. Another outstanding feature of Viral Launch keyword tool is that you can copy the search results to your device’s clipboard or export them a CSV file. Other unique features of this tool include:

  • Reverse market lookups 
  • Amazon search volume data 
  • Historical search volume trends 

The starting price is $71 monthly. 

5. Helium 10

Helium 10 has its specialised Amazon keyword tracker called Magnet 2. The Magnet 2 provides quality data on the searched keyword. The data is pertinent to the Amazon product page copy. This Amazon keyword tool is free, but only for 20 keywords or less. 

6. SellerApp

SellerApp isn’t one of the best Amazon keyword tools by name. The tool can boast of a database of more than 100 million keywords. Also, it holds a record of above 1,000 daily keyword searches. Generally, it can help you increase your sales by suggesting favorable keywords. The pricing starts at $49.99 monthly. 

7. MerchantWords

This Amazon keyword tool is experienced, as it has been conducting data analysis on the platform for over six years and has analyzed 400m products. It directly receives data from the Amazon Autocomplete. It is user-friendly software with several unique features. There are different subscription packages, so you have a list to choose from for your convenience. However, the starting price is $60.

8. AmaSuite

This keyword tracker is one of the most recommended Amazon SEO tools . It is strictly a PC and Mac software that performs a plethora of functions to promote Amazon sales. The price range begins from $197 among a host of other payment plans. 

Other free Amazon keyword tools are: 

1. Keywords Everywhere  

It’s a free Amazon keyword tool that can be installed on Firefox or Chrome as an add-on. 

  • Adwords Competition
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Cost Per Click

2. Amazon Autocomplete

It is merely the function of software that allows users to finish words, depending on the previously-used phrases. 

3. Google Keyword Planner  

Keywords provide higher opportunities than using random words. With the appropriate keywords, you can easily connect with your target audience. It can also serve as an Amazon keyword planner tool. 

In conclusion

As an Amazon seller, you must be familiar with the use of keywords on the platform because it aids businesses. For that, you do not have to go farther because here, we have conducted an Amazon keyword research . Once you’ve read through this article, you will surely be ready to start making those sales! 

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