Amazon Listing Optimization – An Ultimate Guide

Last year, Amazon recorded an 8% drop in the overall level of competition on Amazon. The implication of this is that sellers are beginning to explore several means to make their Amazon product listing rank better on Amazon. Frequent price modifications, detailed product research, and exploring new product opportunities are some of the approaches that people now explore.

Amazon is currently the largest e-retailer in the United States, with total revenue of $178 billion just last year. Even with this, more sellers are beginning to use Amazon to push their products. This implies higher competition for the sellers already on the platform. IO Scout Tool https://ioscout.io/sales-estimator for your business.
It is, therefore, important for sellers to understand approaches to create and optimize product listings to improve the sales of their products.

Good product listing would help sellers make their products more visible to potential buyers. It can also help sellers identify rooms for improvement and developments and the approaches used by other sellers on Amazon to get the best sale outcomes. Here’s a guide to help with how to optimize Amazon listing.

Amazon Listing Optimization

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

Just like other search engines, Amazon also has an algorithm for its product search. Amazon uses the A9 algorithm for her product searches. Understanding this algorithm is important for sellers as it helps to find the best approach to get their products before the buyers.

The Amazon A9 algorithm is an iterative search method. The algorithm reads, scans, and analyzes all the data available on the Amazon marketplace. A9 is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that handles matching ideal products with customer search queries.

One of the basic principles of the A9 is ensuring that users get the best results from their searches. The ranking algorithms are created to match different relevant features automatically. The structured data in the Amazon catalog makes all the necessary features to give users the best search results available. =

The A9 algorithm is also able to learn from previous search patterns to show the most relevant search results to customers.

What The A9 Algorithm Looks Out For

Although full information about the A9 is not available, there a few known factors that are essential in your Amazon listing optimization. Some of these include:

1. Text Match Relevancy

As mentioned earlier, relevancy is a vital part of the Amazon A9 algorithm. The content of your product listing is assessed to know whether it matches the search terms and keywords searched by users. The better the relevance of the text, the higher the ranking.

So, when creating your product listing, you should ensure the right keywords and engaging descriptions are used. Clear bullet points also help with the ranking of your product.

2. Sales Velocity

Another crucial factor of the A9 algorithm in product ranking is Sales velocity. Sales velocity is defined as the amount and number of the seller’s transactions that occur in a given month. In the assessment of a seller’s velocity, the algorithm usually compares the sales velocity of sellers and the seller with the highest sales velocity win.

3. Stock Availability

Stock availability is another important factor considered by the A9 algorithm. If your product is out of stock, then your product listing would not make top results. Based on this, you might want to ensure that your products are always in stock.

4. Price

Pricing is another important factor in the product listing. The A9 algorithm also checks the price of your product to ensure you have the best prices. However, it is not just enough to ensure your products are offered at the best price. The algorithm also considers how well the listing is represented.

5. FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

This is a very valuable resource for sellers on Amazon. If you have your products stocked in an Amazon warehouse, then you are considered a “featured” merchant. This places you as an Amazon Prime Members.

6. Advertising

Apart from sales velocity, advertising is another important factor that can help you optimize your product listing. This might, however, cost you some extra dollars.

7. Customer Reviews

Reviews also form an integral part of the A9 algorithm. Positive reviews would help your product listing rank higher in searches. So, you might want to look out for reviews on your products.

8. Images (High Quality)

One of the most important parts of selling online is having a good representation of your product. This is why it is advisable to have multiple high-quality images to boost your ranking.

In all, optimizing your product listing on Amazon is a dependable way to get your product high up in the search results when amazon users search. 

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