Lanoiregalerie Sun, 07 Jun 2020 00:15:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Amazon Listing Optimization – An Ultimate Guide /2020/03/19/amazon-listing-optimization-an-ultimate-guide/ /2020/03/19/amazon-listing-optimization-an-ultimate-guide/#respond Thu, 19 Mar 2020 20:00:03 +0000 /?p=14 Last year, Amazon recorded an 8% drop in the overall level of competition on Amazon. The implication of this is that sellers are beginning to explore several means to make their Amazon product listing rank better on Amazon. Frequent price modifications, detailed product research, and exploring new product opportunities are some of the approaches that people now explore.

Amazon is currently the largest e-retailer in the United States, with total revenue of $178 billion just last year. Even with this, more sellers are beginning to use Amazon to push their products. This implies higher competition for the sellers already on the platform. IO Scout Tool for your business.
It is, therefore, important for sellers to understand approaches to create and optimize product listings to improve the sales of their products.

Good product listing would help sellers make their products more visible to potential buyers. It can also help sellers identify rooms for improvement and developments and the approaches used by other sellers on Amazon to get the best sale outcomes. Here’s a guide to help with how to optimize Amazon listing.

Amazon Listing Optimization

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

Just like other search engines, Amazon also has an algorithm for its product search. Amazon uses the A9 algorithm for her product searches. Understanding this algorithm is important for sellers as it helps to find the best approach to get their products before the buyers.

The Amazon A9 algorithm is an iterative search method. The algorithm reads, scans, and analyzes all the data available on the Amazon marketplace. A9 is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that handles matching ideal products with customer search queries.

One of the basic principles of the A9 is ensuring that users get the best results from their searches. The ranking algorithms are created to match different relevant features automatically. The structured data in the Amazon catalog makes all the necessary features to give users the best search results available. =

The A9 algorithm is also able to learn from previous search patterns to show the most relevant search results to customers.

What The A9 Algorithm Looks Out For

Although full information about the A9 is not available, there a few known factors that are essential in your Amazon listing optimization. Some of these include:

1. Text Match Relevancy

As mentioned earlier, relevancy is a vital part of the Amazon A9 algorithm. The content of your product listing is assessed to know whether it matches the search terms and keywords searched by users. The better the relevance of the text, the higher the ranking.

So, when creating your product listing, you should ensure the right keywords and engaging descriptions are used. Clear bullet points also help with the ranking of your product.

2. Sales Velocity

Another crucial factor of the A9 algorithm in product ranking is Sales velocity. Sales velocity is defined as the amount and number of the seller’s transactions that occur in a given month. In the assessment of a seller’s velocity, the algorithm usually compares the sales velocity of sellers and the seller with the highest sales velocity win.

3. Stock Availability

Stock availability is another important factor considered by the A9 algorithm. If your product is out of stock, then your product listing would not make top results. Based on this, you might want to ensure that your products are always in stock.

4. Price

Pricing is another important factor in the product listing. The A9 algorithm also checks the price of your product to ensure you have the best prices. However, it is not just enough to ensure your products are offered at the best price. The algorithm also considers how well the listing is represented.

5. FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

This is a very valuable resource for sellers on Amazon. If you have your products stocked in an Amazon warehouse, then you are considered a “featured” merchant. This places you as an Amazon Prime Members.

6. Advertising

Apart from sales velocity, advertising is another important factor that can help you optimize your product listing. This might, however, cost you some extra dollars.

7. Customer Reviews

Reviews also form an integral part of the A9 algorithm. Positive reviews would help your product listing rank higher in searches. So, you might want to look out for reviews on your products.

8. Images (High Quality)

One of the most important parts of selling online is having a good representation of your product. This is why it is advisable to have multiple high-quality images to boost your ranking.

In all, optimizing your product listing on Amazon is a dependable way to get your product high up in the search results when amazon users search. 

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Amazon Keyword Tool: Learn the Best Tools to Use for Fast Sales /2020/03/13/amazon-keyword-tool-learn-the-best-tools-to-use-for-fast-sales/ /2020/03/13/amazon-keyword-tool-learn-the-best-tools-to-use-for-fast-sales/#respond Fri, 13 Mar 2020 00:01:19 +0000 /?p=12 amazon keyword tool

The concept of the Amazon keyword tool is quite easy and straightforward. What you need is to understand the relationship between organic search and ecommerce. 

What is Organic search? 

It is a strategy that involves inputting one or more search terms in the form of a single string of text into a search engine.

What is ecommerce?  

Ecommerce, which means Electronic Commerce, entails the buying and selling of goods and services with the aid of the Internet. Every transaction in ecommerce is done online, including payment. 

There are different keywords; commercial-based keywords, head keywords, and long-tail keywords. In this article, you will discover several Amazon keyword tools that suit every business need and pocket. The list entails free Amazon keyword tools and the best Amazon keyword tools . Dive in to know more. 

Best Amazon Keyword Tools 

Every organic search results are displayed as paginated records, meaning they have been numbered, based on their pertinence to the search words. It can be referred to as Amazon keyword ranking . Here is a list of the best Amazon keyword research tools:

1. JungleScout

JungleScout has a world of tools designed to aid selling on Amazon. One of its numerous beneficial tools is the JungleScout Amazon keyword tool . Its Amazon keyword research is dependent upon what customers are searching for on the market. Via the received data, the JungleScout tool will compile useful information like:

  • Keyword volumes of the chosen products
  • Approved PPC bids for getting more products sold 
  • The advisable number of units you can giveaway when you launch. 

Aside from their user-friendly interface, JungleScout also cares about their clients, which is why they have 24/7 customer service. Furthermore, JungleScout provides educational resources at no cost. It is indeed one of the best Amazon keyword research tools

The starting payment subscription for JungleScout Amazon keyword tool $25 per month, while the yearly deal goes for $199 per annum. For the 3-month deal, you have $99 only to pay. Lastly, the starter bundle is $399 annually. 

2. Amazon Keyword Tool

This tool uses the Amazon Autocomplete to search for relevant keywords on the platform. When you type a keyword into the search engine and press enter, the tool will create a list of keywords related to the one you inputted. You can implement it to discover products or niches that are doing well on Amazon. The Amazon keyword tool offers four essential information:

  • Search Volume : It refers to the monthly search volume for the keyword of interest. 
  • Competition : It entails the number of advertisers proposing the keyword in Google. 
  • CPC : The most significant amount of money paid by advertisers in Google for the keyword. 
  • Trend : The frequency and tendency of the keyword in Amazon search

To gain an optimal experience from this Amazon SEO tool , it is advisable to subscribe to the Keyword Tool Pro. Its starting price is $69 per month. 

3. Keyword Tool Dominator

This keyword tool solely based its survey on long-tail keywords searched by your target audience. Keyword tool dominator employs the Amazon Autocomplete databases to supply you with keywords. Also, it permits the download of the keyword list. It is fast, efficient, and reliable. This tool is free but can be bought off a one-time purchase at $39.89. 

4. Viral Launch

This Amazon keyword tool assists with keyword searches alongside arranging them in the order of relevance. Another outstanding feature of Viral Launch keyword tool is that you can copy the search results to your device’s clipboard or export them a CSV file. Other unique features of this tool include:

  • Reverse market lookups 
  • Amazon search volume data 
  • Historical search volume trends 

The starting price is $71 monthly. 

5. Helium 10

Helium 10 has its specialised Amazon keyword tracker called Magnet 2. The Magnet 2 provides quality data on the searched keyword. The data is pertinent to the Amazon product page copy. This Amazon keyword tool is free, but only for 20 keywords or less. 

6. SellerApp

SellerApp isn’t one of the best Amazon keyword tools by name. The tool can boast of a database of more than 100 million keywords. Also, it holds a record of above 1,000 daily keyword searches. Generally, it can help you increase your sales by suggesting favorable keywords. The pricing starts at $49.99 monthly. 

7. MerchantWords

This Amazon keyword tool is experienced, as it has been conducting data analysis on the platform for over six years and has analyzed 400m products. It directly receives data from the Amazon Autocomplete. It is user-friendly software with several unique features. There are different subscription packages, so you have a list to choose from for your convenience. However, the starting price is $60.

8. AmaSuite

This keyword tracker is one of the most recommended Amazon SEO tools . It is strictly a PC and Mac software that performs a plethora of functions to promote Amazon sales. The price range begins from $197 among a host of other payment plans. 

Other free Amazon keyword tools are: 

1. Keywords Everywhere  

It’s a free Amazon keyword tool that can be installed on Firefox or Chrome as an add-on. 

  • Adwords Competition
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Cost Per Click

2. Amazon Autocomplete

It is merely the function of software that allows users to finish words, depending on the previously-used phrases. 

3. Google Keyword Planner  

Keywords provide higher opportunities than using random words. With the appropriate keywords, you can easily connect with your target audience. It can also serve as an Amazon keyword planner tool. 

In conclusion

As an Amazon seller, you must be familiar with the use of keywords on the platform because it aids businesses. For that, you do not have to go farther because here, we have conducted an Amazon keyword research . Once you’ve read through this article, you will surely be ready to start making those sales! 

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5 Amazon Extension Chrome Every New Seller Should Have /2020/03/06/5-amazon-extension-chrome-every-new-seller-should-have/ /2020/03/06/5-amazon-extension-chrome-every-new-seller-should-have/#respond Fri, 06 Mar 2020 04:01:39 +0000 /?p=10 Amazon Chrome Extension

As an Amazon FBA seller, you allow Amazon to store, pack and ship items to buyers on your behalf. This is very convenient in the sense that it saves you time, cash and guarantees you that your customers will receive their orders in a timely manner. 

However, FBA selling involves more than just fulfilling customer orders. Useful articles and tips for Amazon sellers at Data Guide review site.
As such, there are numerous tools that you can use to manage your FBA business –
amazon fba chrome extension apps are among the most effective ones available. 

How Do Amazon Chrome Extensions Help Sellers?

If you are an online seller, you know how useful Amazon Chrome Extensions are in helping launch, manage and grow FBA businesses. These extensions make it easy for sellers to: 

  • Find profitable items on the eCommerce site
  • Identify competitors and even find out how they are performing
  • Discover opportunities to improve their item listings on Amazon
  • Find the best keywords to feature in their product copies

There are several factors that determine the type of Amazon extension chrome that a seller decides to use. These include:

  • Cost – is the chrome extension free or does one need to pay to use it
  • Need – the issue a seller wants to address with the Amazon seller chrome extension
  • Ease of use – how user friendly an Amazon extension for chrome application is
  • Technical support – whether users can get help in the event they encounter challenges using the chrome amazon extension

Amazon Extension Chrome Every New Seller Should Have

Though there are numerous chrome extensions available in the market, there are those that every new online seller should have. These include:

Amazon FBA Calculator

This is a free, easy to use chrome extension that enables new sellers to calculate commissions and profits. This chrome extension comes in handy for new customers who are just starting to stay abreast of the amount of money they may be making selling on Amazon at any given time. The extension is easy to activate – sellers can do so from their product pages. Other elements that sellers can use this chrome extension to determine include:

  • Profit margins for the items they are selling
  • The best selling price for each item they want to sell
  • Comparison of profit margins that competitors are making on similar products

Image result for Amazon FBA Calculator


This chrome extension enables sellers to decide on items to sell on Amazon based on real data. Though users have to pay a monthly fee to use it, the extension gives them access to a broad range of data without having to visit the product page including: 

  • Volume of sales for each month
  • Profit margins
  • Best selling items on Amazon

AMZScout is a smart tool that is designed to gather data automatically. Sellers who use it receive useful information to help them make informed decisions. This data includes current income, prices and sales. The tool is able to provide a comparison with competitors who sell similar products on Amazon.

Image result for AMZScout

Jungle Scout 

This chrome extension works real time, allowing sellers to use accurate data to make decisions. With Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers are able to check facts about items that they are either selling or planning to sell. For existing sellers, this chrome extension facilitates the growth of online businesses by ensuring launch of new items. 

Jungle Scout chrome extension enables sellers to: 

  • Research Amazon’s database for ideal items and narrow down based on the data required
  • Reduce the risk of selling products that are not on demand
  • Tracking customer reviews and ratings as well as revenue, monthly sales and industry trends.

To use Jungle Scout chrome extension, sellers have to pay a one-time access fee amounting to $97. 

Image result for jungle scout chrome extension


Keepa chrome extension is ideal for Amazon sellers who want to monitor their items and those being sold by their competitors. A free, modern price tracker, Keepa gives Amazon sellers access to a wide range of price-related information including price history in the form of graphs and price drop alerts. 

Upon installation, Keepa users are able to see price history graphs displayed on every Amazon page they visit. This gives them a general view of the price drops that have happened most recently. Keepa’s database updates on a regular basis and is optimized for Google Chrome. Keepa does not provide in-app purchases but can be used without registration. 

Image result for Keepa


Among the most common chrome extensions, the camelizer works by displaying price graphs on every page that a seller visits. In the graph, this chrome extension provides uses with historical data on product prices on Amazon. Sellers who use this chrome extension are able to set price alerts as well as track price fluctuations, which is a great way to compare competitor prices and make pricing adjustments accordingly. The camelizer is a free extension chrome and comes with no in-app purchases. 



Amazon chrome extensions enable online sellers to access invaluable information that they need to make informed decisions. Some chrome extensions are free while others require users to either pay one-off fee or a monthly fee. Before you download a chrome extension, read customer reviews find out what experiences other users have had with those extensions. This will help you identify the extension that will work best for you.

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Review of AMZScout /2020/03/02/review-of-amzscout/ /2020/03/02/review-of-amzscout/#respond Mon, 02 Mar 2020 20:02:45 +0000 /?p=6 An ideal tool for newbie Amazon merchants, AMZScout is a web application that is tailored to scale your reach and boost the visibility of your listed products. This software is easy to use, and given the incredible benefits it offers, you should certainly give it a try.

The Nitty Gritty of AmazeOwl

This is yet another solid tool for conducting extensive product research. Useful articles and tips for Amazon sellers at Data Guide review site.
As evident from the name itself, this tool is built to help your items thrive in a competitive and cutthroat online marketplace. It operates via a desktop application that works with almost all operating systems. Like other tools in similar categories, you can use this for finding relevant details about a product’s price, its selling potential, its overall ratings, and more.

The Cost

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much the amz scout pro tool costs. The basic version of this application will cost you something on the lines of $30. For the intermediate version, you’ll need to pay around $40. Finally, for the business variant, you’re required to shell out $60. As most of you might guess, the pricing will increase depending on the kind of features you’re looking to use. For more features, you’ll need to pay a higher price and vice versa.

Is the Chrome Plugin Better than the Website Application?

Now that you’re more familiar with the pricing structure followed by this tool, you might be wondering whether the amzscount extension works better than the online software. The answer to this will vary depending on your specific needs. For instance, if you’re looking to enjoy its comprehensive range of features without compromising on the price, the website tool might be your top pick. If, however, you are comfortable with limited features given the fact that you’re paying less for the same, we would recommend the plugin instead of the conventional tool. Either way, it is best to explore both the offerings, check out the pros and cons, before finalizing with your preferred product.

amz scout x4

What Tools Can I Access?

The amzscout pro application comes with a host of tweaks tailored to enhance your product research experience. In the following section, we will explore more about them.


With this option, you can explore a wide range of Amazon products across multiple global marketplaces. This feature will also allow you to check how a certain item is performing in a specific market.


If you want to boost your revenues and ace the marketing game, simply use the chrome plugin for the task. This is an excellent tweak for assessing revenues and the overall net profit and losses.

Keyword Tracking

This is yet another solid feature for identifying the most popular keywords against your preferred product in a given niche. Here, you will also get to find out how your competitor’s phrases are performing. In case they fare well, you can use them in your own listing.

Calculate FBA Fees

Yes, amzscout application has yet another free feature whereby you can assess the costs incurred while signing up for Amazon FBA. This feature works really well, and it helps you calculate the relevant charges almost instantly. The best part: since it’s free, you won’t even have to sign up for this program to access or avail it.

Sales Estimation

Want to check out how much revenue a certain product can generate? Fret not, because this app will have you covered! Simply use their free tool for estimating potential sales for multiple niches on board.

Stock Statistics

This is an excellent functionality for anyone who’s looking to find out the exact revenues generated by their customer’s listing. It is simple to work with and the statistics are absolutely accurate.


 Q. What’s the current price plan of this tool? 

 A. Right now, you can access this tool at a price as low as $30. The cost will eventually go up if you want more features and perks. 

 Q. How to discontinue using Amz’s services? 

 A. If you aren’t satisfied with the features and offerings of this web application, you’ll have the complete flexibility of discontinuing the services at any point. Simply hover to the ‘Settings’ tab and click the ‘cancel my subscription’ option to avail this function. 

 Q. In which countries can I use this application?

A. You can use this tool in many leading countries like US, UK, Canada, and others. The country list, however, will vary depending on whether you use the web tool or the extension.

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